Thank you for visiting Bright Sky Butterflies! I'm the owner, Angie Thompson, and I'm a life long animal lover and activist. I owned and operated a luxury pet resort for cats and dogs and was a pet groomer before turning my attention to butterflies. When I'm not working with caterpillars and butterflies, I volunteer for local cat and dog rescue organizations. Read on to learn more...

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My Story

Bright Sky Butterflies’ owner, Angie Thompson, fell in love with monarch butterflies after seeing the film “Flight of the Butterflies” about the incredible annual monarch migration.  She began farming monarch butterflies as a hobby in 2013, raising and releasing thousands of monarch butterflies in her hometown of San Diego, California to help rebuild the declining western monarch population.
After marrying a Cajun and moving to Lafayette, Louisiana in 2017, Angie began farming eastern monarch butterflies, opening Bright Sky Butterflies in 2020 to share her passion for monarchs with others and to help rebuild the eastern monarch population.  She also farms painted lady, great southern white, swallowtail and gulf fritillary butterflies. She is assisted on the farm by her teenage son, Aidan.
Bright Sky Butterflies is dedicated to providing healthy, young, vividly-colored butterflies for release at special events.  Make any occasion memorable with beautiful butterflies!