Grow Your Own Butterflies Kit

Grow Your Own Butterflies Kit


Grow your own painted lady butterflies!  The Grow Your Own Butterlfies Kit contains 4-6 painted lady caterpillars in a container with all the food they need to develop into healthy butterflies.  Kit also contains a  Chrysalide Lid Stand, a Butterfly Habitat and an instructional brochure with a Painted Lady Observation Log.  AVAILABLE IN LAFAYETTE PARISH, LOUISIANA ONLY.  DELIVERY IS FREE.


    Grow Your Own Butterflies Kits are available for hand delivery in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana only.  We do not ship the Kits.  Select your preferred delivery date and a second choice date when placing your order.




    We guarantee your cup of caterpillars will grow into 4-6 healthy butterflies. If your caterpillars stop growing or you have any problems with your caterpillars, please contact us immediately. We will either replace your caterpillars or issue a full refund.  The entire kit (caterpillar cup, butterfly habitat and chrysalide lid stand) must be returned to receive a full refund.